Uniting Diverse Perspectives Through Common Sense Solutions

Lee Castillo for U.S. Congress Utah District 1

We Utahns come in all shapes, sizes, ages, religions, and races, and though we have our differences, we share a common bond in that WE ARE ALL Utahns… Utahns who believe in the greater good, in our faiths, in our families, in our environment, in small businesses, and in an incredibly strong work ethic.

Unfortunately, our Utah values aren’t always represented as clearly as they need to be by our Representatives in Washington, D.C. While Utahns stand for acceptance, equality, civility, liberty, and intellect, the status quo in Washington has become uncompromising, chaotic, disrespectful, and unproductive. In the same way that we wouldn’t allow our children and those in our communities to behave in this fashion, it is past time for us to require that our representatives not only behave themselves in a manner that actually reflects our culture, but that they also lead their colleagues to behave in this same fashion as opposed to simply catering to the lobbyists and special interests who fund their campaigns.

Are You in District 1?

Utah District 1 includes:
Layton, Ogden, Park City, Brigham City, Logan, Kaysville, Syracuse, Clearfield, Roy, Riverdale, South Ogden, North Ogden, Sunset, Clinton, West Point, Hooper, West Haven, Taylor, Plain City, Warren, Mountain Green, Eden, Huntsville, Henefer, Echo, Coalville, Wanship, Silver Summit, Willard, Perry, Mantua, Honeyville, Elwood, Bothwell, Garland, Riverside, Plymouth, Richmond, Smithfield, Hyde Park, Providence, Hyrum, Paradise, Cach, Newton, Blue Creek, Snowville, Park Valley, Randolph, Woodruff, Laketown, Garden City, Oakley, Kamas, Vernal, Myton, Duchesne, Bonanza, & Rainbow.


About Lee Castillo

Now I know that I don’t fit the traditional congressional stereotype of an old, rich, white lawyer / businessman, but that’s the point: Our district isn’t made up solely of old, rich white lawyers – So why should that be a requirement for all of our representatives when our government runs best when we have representatives of all races, gender, and economic levels that ensures all voices are heard?

Like many of you, I was born and raised here in Utah. I worked in the agricultural fields, I attended the public schools, and I have been serving professionally in our communities for over fifteen years. Since receiving a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah, I have served our Airmen at Hill Air Force Base’s Family Practice Clinic, helped keep families together through the Utah Division of Child and Family Services, and am currently working for the Utah State Hospital, helping with the people suffering from mental illness in our county jails. Through these experiences, I have seen first hand that hard times can fall on even the best of us and that Utahns truly are compassionate and believe in second chances.

Why I’m Running for Congress

And that is why you should send me to Washington: For all of the people who have ever been bullied, discriminated against, or overlooked… I’ll be representing you. For all the people who feel they have been dismissed, passed by, or forgotten… I’ll be representing you. And for all the people who are tired of having their foundational values of humanity and compassion misrepresented by self-serving congressmen beholden to specials interestes… I’ll be representing you! Because Utah is for Everybody, and Everybody should have their voice represented!

Whether you’re rich or poor, old or young, married or single, gay or straight, skiier or boarder, black, brown, or white, blue collar or white collar, soldier or civilian, Mormon or not – Utah is Everybody and it is this mosaic of diversity that makes our communities so great.

That said, the time is now to Unite Our Diverse Perspectives with Common Sense Solutions.


Yes, it’s true that we don’t all agree on everything, but agreements do exist. Where we differ, we can and should have civil, respectful, thoughtful debates about issues that affect real people, not just ideologies and rhetoric. And when we hit a roadblock, we should all compromise as opposed to ignorantly settling for gridlock. There are so many common sense solutions that we can all agree upon if we simply attempt to work together. But our current representatives are financially incentivized to maintain the status quo… They have Super PACs and wealthy donors who are opposed to the voice of the people.

Though I don’t have a Super PAC or a Trust Fund to buy my way into office, what I do have is the audacity to believe that Utah is for Everybody and that if we all commit to Uniting Our Voices, our votes can and will actually make a difference.

The Time is Now

So I invite you to join with me and all of the other Utahns in District One who are being misrepresented in Washington… It’s time to make your voice heard! So Register To Vote, tell me what issues you care about the most, donate to our campaign, share this video with your friends and family, and most importantly Vote!

The choice is simple: You can either stay on the sidelines and allow the status quo to continue on unchecked, or you can join with your fellow District One citizens who believe that Utah is for Everybody and that all of our voices need to be represented in Washington.

I’m Lee Castillo and am running to be your Representative in Congress- for House District One.



Senator Jim Dabakis – Utah Democrat
Sim Gill Salt Lake County District Attorney

Hispanic Democratic Caucus
Education Democratic Caucus
Women’s Democratic Caucus
Rural Democratic Caucus
Native American Democratic Caucus
Asian & Pacific Islander Democratic Caucus
Disability Democratic Caucus
Stonewall Democratic Caucus
Environmental Democratic Caucus
Progressive Democratic Caucus
Senior Citizen Democratic Caucus
LDS Dems Democratic Caucus
Veteran’s Democratic Caucus
March For Our Lives SLC


Policy Issues

Immigration / Illegal Immigrants / Dreamers

Issue: We are a nation of immigrants.

My Policy: We need to keep the promise that we made to the Dreamers. We need to create a reasonable pathway to citizenship. We need to create worker visas and have special considerations for those who; at least one nuclear family member is a US Citizen, have been in our country for 20+ years, are a contributing member of society, have no criminal record, and agree to have an annual review.

Income Inequality

Issue: Our Teachers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, First Responders, and Social Workers are amongst those who we trust our lives, our children, and our safety and I propose a re-evaluation of earnings for those who keep us safe. I’ve met officers and teachers that carry two jobs to support their families. This isn’t right.

In addition, the little guy; the waitress, the custodian, the bed maker, the Walmart worker, and many other employed individuals should earn livable wages. Enough with the tax breaks for large corporations that, in turn, don’t pay their workers enough to live. If you work hard you should not have to have to go to a food bank or have a store food drive for your employees. As a social worker I have seen how healing it is to a person’s spirits when they can go from homeless to having a place to sleep and food in their bellies. As a volunteer I have seen how life changing it is when someone does not have to pick between feeding their family and or buying their medication.

My Policy: Equal pay for equal work! Women deserve to be paid the same amount as their male coworkers. I support the ERA and would vote yes in its favor.

My Policy: Tax reform to benefit the lower income and middle class – NOT the top 1%. Enforce taxation on greedy corporations who make millions/billions while their workers struggle to pay for their next meal.

Common Sense Gun Control

Issue: Guns are being purchased by people who murder our children, attack our churches, and traumatize victims and grieving loved ones. As a therapist I have treated people for anxiety due to the violent murders seen on TV/phones/computers. Our families need to feel safe.

My Policy: Protect the 2nd Amendment for all law-abiding citizens, require Universal Background Checks, Mandatory 2-Day Waiting Periods, Ban Bump Stocks & High Capacity Magazines and create a Gun Buy-Back program.

Healthcare for Everybody

Issue: As a social worker, I see the red tape and lack of funding that causes our mentally ill population to be warehoused in County Jails. We need a legal system and a healthcare system that focuses on prevention but also provides readliy available access to treatment. Everybody deserves medical, mental, and dental insurance despite any pre-existing conditions, demographic, or economic situation.

My Policy: I support a single-payer, universal healthcare system that would ensure healthcare access for all our citizens. To develop this healthcare system we should study the systems in countries like Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, and France to identify what does and does not work. Using this research we should then create a system that works best for our citizens.

Issue: Pharmaceutical & Prescription Drug Regulations.

My Policy: I would fight to have Medical Canibis (Marijuana) reclassified across the nation as a Schedule II drug allowing for those suffering from severe seizures or parents of children suffering from severe seizures to obtain the life-saving drug. In addition to helping those suffering from severe seizures it will also help with the opoid epidemic and will offer our honored Veterans additional treatment options for PTSD.

Air Quality / Protection of Public Lands

Issue: The air we breathe is dangerous to our health. As a citizen of Utah, a father and Uncle I am worried and we need to ensure that the world we live in is safe for our children and future generations.

My Policy: Re-instate the EPA regulations removed by the Trump Administration.

My Policy: Restore Bear’s Ears and Grand Escalante Monument to the size designated under the Obama Administration. I would also fight to enact policy that requires engagement of the Indigenous Americans and continual collaboration on matters that pertain to their sovereignty.



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